Marmoset Optogenetics Dataset (DataID: 3718)

Authors: Misako Komatsu1*, Eriko Sugano2, Hiroshi Tomita2, Naotaka Fujii3*

1. Ichinohe Group, Laboratory for Molecular Analysis of Higher Brain Function, RIKEN Brain Science Institute, Saitama, Japan
2. Department of Chemistry and Biological Sciences, Iwate University, Iwate, Japan
3. Laboratory for Adaptive Intelligence, RIKEN Brain Science Institute, Saitama, Japan
*corresponding authors: Misako Komatsu (, Naotaka Fujii (


Eight weeks after the virus injections, we applied 3.5 V to each LED for 200 ms to monitor the development of neural responses to photostimuli. In each session, eight LEDs were pseudo-randomly illuminated and 50 stimulation trials were performed for every LED. Inter stimulus intervals were fixed at 2 s.
ECoG data were sampled at 1KHz.

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Komatsu, Misako; Sugano, Eriko; Tomita, Hiroshi; Fujii, Naotaka (2017): Marmoset Optogenetics Dataset (DataID: 3718)


Komatsu M, Sugano E, Tomita H and Fujii N (2017) A Chronically Implantable Bidirectional Neural Interface for Non-human Primates. Front. Neurosci. 11:514. doi: 10.3389/fnins.2017.00514



Go20150826S1.zipMAT(ECoG64, Event, BrainMap)
Hn20160120S1.zipMAT(ECoG64, Event, BrainMap)
GoT2ECoG.zipNIFTI(MRI T2 image); XLSX(Electrodes positions)
HnT2ECoG.zipNIFTI(MRI T2 image); XLSX(Electrodes positions)
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